University Of Derby Jobs are available now!

Derby University not only helps its students to exceed their potential and find life-long careers, but also helps to provide over 2,400 people with fulfilling jobs as employees of the university itself. With a recent increase in the amount of students being emitted into the university over recent years, more employees are being recruited in order to maintain the university’s high standards. This means that recruitment for the university is at an all-time high, creating ample job opportunities for those looking for jobs in Derby.

Could Derby University Jobs have something to offer you?

With such a high number of students, and with two separate university campus’s to manage (one being situated in Derby, the other in Buxton), there is a wide range of job roles to be filled. The university employs people who work in administrative roles right through to lecturing ones, and no matter what your background or level of education, it is guaranteed that there will be a role suited to you.

If you choose to work for the university, then you will be working in a relaxed and attractive work space.

The university has recently invested over £75 million into its new buildings, therefore resulting in modern and up to date working spaces, where you can feel comfortable in your working environment. Moreover, the university is able to offer all of its employees a variety of benefits which includes a generous holiday entitlement, several pension scheme options and flexible working hours. The university also recognises the importance of rewarding its employees for their hard work, and has an awards scheme which recognises the important work that their employees have carried out whilst at work, or out in the community.

At Derby University, as an employee your personal progression and education is of great importance. Therefore, employees are regularly encouraged to take part in training courses, in order to help them progress in their jobs, and maybe even go on to a higher earning wage. The discount courses offered by the university to its employees, also enables workers to take up a subject or course that before they may not have felt capable of completing, or that was perhaps too expensive, which shows that as far as jobs in Derby are concerned, working for the University couldn’t be a more attractive choice!

Derby Uni Jobs can provide you with a job for life!

So, if you feel that Derby University could have something to offer you, then take a look at their website and browse the vacancy database that is available. You never know, your unexpected dream job could be waiting just around the corner for you!