Looking For Part Time Jobs In Derby

Not everyone is looking for a full time job, with many parents and students looking to find a job that will not only pay the bills, but that is also flexible, providing them with work hours that will fit around their child care duties or studies. Luckily, the jobs in Derby are plentiful, with many full time and part time positions available.

Part time jobs Derby can offer you flexibility

Derby county council is keen to advertise part time positions to potential employees, and encourages people to take advantage of flexible working hours by taking part in schemes such as the flexi-time scheme. This allows you to pick your working hours out of the options that your employer offers to you. This means that you are able to work hours that fit around your needs, helping you to achieve the perfect work-life balance that many part time workers are looking for.

Derby city council also offers part time positions to workers who wish to work for them. The website also advertises all of the part time positions that are available across the county, and advises that anyone looking for part time work should still apply to full time vacancies, as employers may be more flexible than you think. As well as having vacancy databases that let you browse part time jobs across the area, the council’s website also offers information for students who wish to look for a part time job that will fit around their studies.

If you are still struggling to find a part time job that suits you, your other option is to pay a visit to your nearest Derby job centre. When you visit the job centre, you can sit down and have an informal chat with an expert who can guide you in where to begin your job search, as well as recommend any part time jobs that they may have on their system. The central library also offers a job club, which can provide you with extensive information and services that will help you in your search for a job. The club is run on Monday’s, and can help you throughout the whole job hunting process; it offers help with writing CV’s and cover letters, provides guidance on how to fill out application forms and tips on how to make the most of the internet when searching for jobs. Therefore, it should be no time at all before you have found jobs in Derby that are suited to you and your needs.